Welcome! We are The Foundry Community.

“We” is an open identifier that is always expanding. Many voices speak into this blog, from seasoned pastors to new Christians; from people who have established their voices in the conversation to new, unfamiliar friends who are ready to be heard; from those sharing the truth of long experience to those exploring new ideas and concepts not yet proven.

The Foundry Community is a place for growth, love, formation, and fellowship that was born from a need to reach those in the trenches. How can we connect a pastor who has knowledge and encouragement to share with a new pastor who is struggling but lives across the globe? How can we get the word out about a new idea for children’s ministry that is working well in Florida to revitalize a stagnant program in Canada? From these simple questions and more like them, the idea for The Foundry Community was born. We know there are stories to be told, encouragement to be shared, and voices to be heard.

The Foundry Community is powered by The Foundry Publishing and provides a platform condensed into six broad categories to help encourage, mentor, and share from every corner of the globe. Each content category represents an area of ministry and life where conversation needs to take place and support and insight need to be available.

Our expectations for The Foundry Community are high because we know what Nazarenes are capable of when they come together to inspire and support one another.

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