We are excited to announce that our new Lenten community-wide study for churches and small groups is now available! Water for the Way is the devotional book around which we are also providing resources for pastors, small groups, youth leaders, and children’s ministries that will encourage engagement, personal reflection, and individual prayer as you progress together through the season.

We hope these resources continue to help bring your community together.

Here is a quick sneak peek at what is included in this year’s Lent resource:

Water for the Way: A Lenten Devotional

The wilderness makes us thirsty and weary, but we know we do not journey alone. Christ carries and sustains us on our way. Experience the thirst-quenching, soul-refreshing sufficiency of Jesus in a new way this Lenten season as you walk in community toward the cross with Water for the Way.

Water for the Way is also available in discounted packs of 10.


Water for the Way: A Pastor’s Resource

This downloadable resource for pastors includes weekly sermon outlines for each Sunday in Lent plus Easter; small group discussion questions; and service outline suggestions for Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday. Also included are promotional materials to use in your church as you prepare for the beginning of Lent.


Water for the Way: A Children’s Ministry Resource

Use the Children’s Ministry Resource alongside the Water for the Way devotional book to cultivate an intergenerational worship space that brings kids and adults together for the Lenten season. The Children’s Ministry Resource offers creative suggestions for children’s teaching outlines and family worship activities that tie into the weekly sermon outlines.


Water for the Way: A Youth Ministry Resource 

Use the Youth Ministry Resource alongside the Water for the Way devotional book to cultivate an intentional worship atmosphere in your youth gatherings. The Youth Ministry Resource offers creative options for family conversations, lesson outlines, and suggestions for social media posts.