We are excited to announce our Lenten community-wide study for 2020, Lenten Postcards. We continue to hear how important these resources are for both Advent and Lent each year and are encouraged by your commitment to be in the Word and actively participate in the life and calendar of the Church.

Written by Dr. Jesse Middendorf and Stephanie Lobdell , this Lenten devotional is inspired by The Book of Common Prayer. Lenten Postcards invites you to join Christ on his final earthly journey. As Jesus journeys to the cross through the Gospel story, readers will feel like companions on that journey.

Each daily reflection or postcard, ends with questions intended to foster meaningful reflection. Lenten Postcards is also available for faith communities in discounted packs of 10.

For Lent this year, we are also providing a pastor’s downloadable resource. This download includes weekly sermon outlines, small group discussion guides, children’s teaching outlines, and family worship activities. There are also service outlines and family worship activities for Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday. A scripture art journal for children, powerpoint backgrounds, a promo video and social media graphics are also included to help your community engage with the Word and each other.

Lent is a season of fasting and contemplation that vitally informs our relationship with Christ and with others. The words, reflection questions, and prayers offered in the Lenten Postcards resources will inform and transform your Lenten observance so that you will emerge victorious with Christ on the day of resurrection.