When my son was around three years old, he took a bite of his food at mealtime and, in all seriousness, said, “I hope Jesus likes pizza.”

My wife and I laughed, of course. But my son believed that, when we invite Jesus into our lives, he somehow lives physically inside of us. Now that he’s twenty-five, I am sure his understanding has matured.

When I look over my own faith journey, I can see how I have grown and matured in my relationship with God and deepened my understanding of his Word. I attribute many things to that growth, one of which is Sunday school. I remember teachers who faithfully taught me every Sunday about God and his love for me. That is why, as the editor of the Faith Connections curriculum, I believe strongly in what I do and in the materials I am responsible for helping create.

This spring, we are introducing a new format for Faith Connections. We are still committed to a strong biblical and theological foundation and to providing a relevant way for people to encounter God’s Word: read it, understand it, discuss it, and discover how it applies to and affects their lives. However, this new design will help facilitators feel even more confident leading and teaching the Faith Connections lessons, digging deeper into God’s Word, and building a strong faith community. Our purpose is always to help people grow closer to God and each other as they study his Word. We desire that, through our resources, people will understand the how and why of being the hands and feet of Christ in their world.

Looking back over my life, I can see how my faith has grown since I was a child. This growth was not by accident, which is why we create the adult curriculum to help people be intentional about their faith journeys. Each passage selected, theme chosen, writer used, and question asked is done with the goal of helping people grow closer to God.

As not only the editor but also one who uses the adult curriculum, I am excited about the future. Faith Connections is created to foster conversation and exploration, inspiring people to move from biblical literacy to biblical intimacy. My prayer is that, each week, through this resource, people will grow in their faith as they connect to the empowering and transformative truth of God’s great story.