At NewportNaz, we just finished the full Way, Truth, Life series: we did sermons on Sunday, encouraged everyone who could read to read the book, and we hosted small groups who discussed the content weekly. Our community does campaigns like this from time to time that we call “All-Church Journeys,” where collectively on Sundays and in every small group we are diving into the same topic together. It is a powerful tool for us a few times a year that fosters unity and powerful intergenerational growth.

Now that we’ve finished up our Way, Truth, Life journey together, our staff has heard some rewarding feedback from the experience. Highlights include:

  • *Healing for individuals who grew up in the church but experienced poor teaching around the topic of sanctification and Christian perfection.
  • *A fresh, grace-filled understanding of holiness.
  • *A young mom who self-identified as being at the “come & see” portion of the journey choosing to move on to the “follow me” portion and embrace the journey of grace!
  • *Several who are advanced in age were challenged to press on and continue growing because of God’s amazing sustaining grace.
  • *Many faithful Jesus followers testified that Way, Truth, Life gave them fresh language that helped them articulate the journey they’ve found themselves on and the tools to stay invested.
  • *The book was somehow deeply theological while remaining accessible for all.
  • *The discussion on prevenient grace was a huge light-bulb moment for many. It gave much hope to our empty nesters who are praying for kids who have walked away from the church.


I personally led a small group of families who are new to our church through the book. In our group, we had multiple individuals recognize they had totally given up on the journey. The compelling content and our discussions about a journey that is fueled by grace at every point in the process encouraged them to reengage in the faith with the confidence that God is for them!

I could go on and on. Way, Truth, Life has impacted our church culture for years to come. We are moving forward with helpful language for the various ways that grace works in our lives (seeking, saving, sanctifying, sustaining, and sufficient).

Jeni Hall is the lead pastor of Newport Church of the Nazarene in Newport, Oregon.