Wake up early.
Create before the sun comes up.
Entertain the idea that came in a moment.
Wrestle with the absurdity.
Wonder about the how.
Excite with possibility.
Release fear.
Scribble ideas.
Close the journal.
Carry on.

How many of us find ourselves in moments of inspiration like this? Moments like these usually begin when something causes us to experience wild joy or gut-wrenching heartbreak. They spur us on in our desire to be divine creators of joy and courageous heroes against injustice. Usually, though, we aren’t sure how we can be creators and heroes. We doubt whether we have what it takes to make a significant impact on the context around us. We question our dreams because we are afraid of failing, afraid of being judged, afraid that our contributions won’t be enough.

But in our questioning, we lose sight of the reality that the world is waiting for us to show up for our lives and to live boldly—to say yes to the imaginations and ideas that come to us through so many different avenues of truth and communication.

We know that in the beginning, God created humans in the likeness of Godself. Out of that essence, God formed humanity, wiring the first two humans with likeness to the Creator but difference from each other. These first two humans offered something unique to the world and complemented each other and creation in that way.

No one else can bring what you bring or offer the world what you offer. 

Like Adam and Eve, you wake up every day with the same DNA—DNA that is uniquely yours. No one else wakes up with it. Only you do. We know this because of science. We know this because of faith. We know that each one of us was knitted meticulously, hand crafted, unique.

There will never in eternity be another you. No one else can bring what you bring or offer the world what you offer. You are called to reveal the love of God as it’s being born in the world through your unique connection to God. It’s born and translated in a way that no other person can reveal, so it’s time to do what you feel led to do. Be who you are called to be. Train for whatever it is that is stirring inside. Will you listen to what stirs in you?

For the love of God, will you say yes to being an image bearer? For the love of others, will you give your best even at the risk of failing sometimes?

Let your story be the one that was meant to reveal the love of God around you.

The world waits for you to know that you have what it takes—what no one else has. The world waits for you.